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a moment - Fragrance Gel

a moment - Fragrance Gel

¥700 (6/lot)

The fragrant gel glitters like a precious stone. This gentle and bottle-type fragrance can be easily placed in a room, entrance, or bathroom.

Size W64 × D56 × H90mm
Quantity 110g
Fragrance duration approx. 3 weeks

*Recommended for use in space 2-4m2 in size.
*Please be aware that the fragrance's duration varies with climate, temperature, humidity, room size and where the product is placed.
*Please do not place in hot and damp locations exposed to direct sunlight such as the inside of vehicles during summer.

a moment


The moment we are fascinated by a beauty of nature.

The moment when you look up to the vast sky, and the sunlight streams in through the window.

The moment a bird flaps the wings.

The warmth, story, scent is existing closely to our daily life.

“a moment” series is inspired by these sensitive,

yet energetic moments conveyed to each item.

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  • dew


    A clear fragrance inspired by water drops.

    Adding mimosa, pomelo, quince to rosemary on top. White musk and talc on base note present a deep and clear herbal fragrance.

  • rise


    A deep and sweet scent inspired by the sunrise in a flower garden.

    Red rose, magnolia and muguet to freesia, peony, lychee blend.Musk, amber, cedar wood to the base. Floral blend brings a calmly deep and sweet scent.

  • flare


    A warm scent inspired by swinging wildflower in the gentle breeze.

    Cassis, jasmine, chamomile mainly combined. Grapefruit and yuzu present an impression of light breeze. Citrus flower blend has both sweetness and warmth.

  • leap


    A dignified fragrance inspired by water sound echoing in the tranquil lake.

    Adding lavender, lotus, fig to muguet and rosemary. Moreover, green tea, heliotrope, and white musk of aquamarine blend reminds of you the lake surrounded by a deep forest.

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