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Alphabet series - HP Aromatic Oil

Alphabet series - HP Aromatic Oil

¥1,200 (6/lot)

This natural product contains a mixture of botanical essential oils extracted and concentrated from flowers, herbs and fruits and then diluted in high quality carrier oils. Match these aromatic oils with your mood and enjoy!

Size W35×D35×H64mm
Quantity 10mL

*Please take care as application to colored items or painted surfaces may damage the color.
*When using with other commercial warmers or aromatic devices, please make sure to read and confirm with the manufacturer instructions before use. Please be aware that we bear no responsibility in the event of an accident or defect.

●How to use

・Fill the aroma pot plate with water and add a few drops of oil to fully experience the fragrance.

・Fill a bowl or cup with hot water and add a few drops for a simple experience of gentle fragrances.

・Place a cotton ball or tissue on a small plate and add a few drops to enjoy the fragrance at your desk, bedside or other convenient location.
 (Please take care not to ingest the oil or apply directly to the skin)

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  • Lavender


    A crisp floral fragrance with herbal tones to help align the body’s rhythm and calm the mind for a deep, sound sleep.

    (great for improving sleep)

  • Ylang-ylang


    A sweet, deep fragrance with an exotic and dignified character to help calm the mind, free the body and encourage deep, long relaxation.

    (great for opening up the mind)

  • Bergamot


    A refreshing floral fragrance with a touch of sweetness to help ease the mind when feeling down or troubled with worry.

    (great for brightening both body and mind)

  • Jasmine


    A sweet, beautiful jasmine fragrance with an exotic touch to give you confidence and free you from anxiety.

    (great for resetting both body and mind)

  • Chamomile


    A fruity nostalgic fragrance reminiscent of apples to alleviate uneasiness and wrap you in a warm gentle embrace.

    (great for providing gentleness and comfort)

  • Sandalwood


    An exotic and woody sandalwood fragrance that goes great with meditation, mesmerizes the mind and frees you from anxiety.

    (great for improving attractiveness)

  • Grapefruit


    A slightly bitter fragrance with a richly refreshing citrus character to reduce stress and reinvigorate the mind.

    (great for increasing positivity)

  • Rose


    A gentle and captivating rose fragrance abounding in gracefulness to relax the mind, bolster deep healing and increase feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

    (great for increasing happiness)

  • Eucalyptus


    A clear, sharp fragrance of eucalyptus with exceptional disinfectant properties to clear and calm the mind in times of decision-making.

    (great for fostering courage)

  • Tea Tree


    A fresh, sharp and young fragrance of trees believed to be effective against hay fever that refreshes both body and mind.

    (great for reinvigorating body and mind)

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