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LAB Reed Diffuser

LAB Reed Diffuser

¥1,500 (3/lot)

The Reed Diffuser was created in our Fragrance Laboratory (LAB). Each small bottle comes with a charm consisting of a room number and key and is inspired by the unique character of each room. Our profound blends of original fragrances are as diverse as the world around us guaranteeing that you will be able to find one that you’ll love. What is the room you have selected and who are the people gathered there? Imagine this while enjoying your fragrance.

Size φ 54×H216mm
Quantity oil 50ml, reed 5 sticks
Fragrance duration approx. 1 month

*Please be aware that the fragrance’s duration varies with climate, temperature, humidity, room size and where the product is placed.

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  • 1956


    A woody blend of cedarwood, pine, cypress, etc. mixed with amber and white musk, adding a richness to this dreamy fragrance.

  • 2495


    Rose otto, pomegranate and cedarwood are added to the base of this dignified and refreshing perfume to create a rich, elegant blend of fragrances

  • 4189


    Adding cherry to a white floral base for a scent inspired by cherry blossoms, this sweet yet fresh fragrance is further blended with notes of aquamarine

  • 8972


    This vibrant, fresh flower fragrance is created from a floral blend of jasmine and orange blossom combined with lavender, rosemary and other herbs to evoke an image of hydrangeas with notes of aquamarine.

  • 1429


    A fragrance with notes of aquamarine and blackcurrant added to green notes reminiscent of the scent of young bamboo

  • 5236


    A fragrance with notes of aquamarine inspired by snow and combining fresh citrus with white floral scents such as muguet and white musk

  • 3516


    An intense perfume fragrance based on a woody blend of cedarwood and cypress mixed with patchouli and white musk to create a rich aroma.

  • 6451


    An aquatic, ozonic blended fragrance inspired by a morning spring of daffodils, hyacinth and musk added to dreamy ozone notes of violet and fresh basil

  • 9187


    Adding richness with a base note of patchouli and white musk and blending this with heliotrope, lotus, bergamot and a splash of lime, Sicilian mandarin and bitter orange, this fragrance finishes with leafy green notes and was inspired by a morning in the forest

  • 7313


    A pure and innocent fragrance with a base of gentle dianthus mixed with a blend of lilac, sweet pea, hyacinth and more.

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