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Fortune Number - Reed Diffuser

Fortune Number - Reed Diffuser

¥1,800 (3/lot)

This reed diffuser is perfect for gifts and features a sleek and simple design that goes perfect in any space. Each stick carries a randomly-engraved message for you to discover and enjoy.

Size W92×D43×H260mm
Quantity oil 95mL, Reed Sticks 7pcs.
Fragrance duration approx. 1 to 1 and half months

*Please be aware that the fragrance’s duration varies with climate, temperature, humidity, room size and where the product is placed.

A message has been engraved at random upon one of the sticks.

There are 5 different messages in all.

・Anything is possible

・Up to you

・Life live large

・Follow your heart

・Take it easy

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