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¥1,200 (4/lot)

The fragrances encountered by Poppa during his travels have been wrapped in a rough cotton pouch for this product. Much like embarking on a journey into unknown lands, savor the hidden scents locked inside.

Size φ50×H150mm
Quantity 80mL (number of pumps: approx. 1000)

Please remove the stopper from the neck of the nozzle. Spray 2 to 3 times according to your preferences and enjoy the gentle fragrance as it spreads throughout the room.

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  • Norwegian Forest


    Poppa visited Norway in spring when the leaves were newly green and sprouting.
    Surrounded in quiet, penetrating light, he closed his eyes lost in the moment.
    Breathing in deeply the cold air of the still snowy forest, he is overwhelmed by the woods’ crisp fragrance.

  • Portrait of Napoleon in Versailles


    Poppa dropped by an art gallery in France.
    He stood transfixed before a portrait of Napoleon, overwhelmed by the valiant figure portrayed.
    Enjoy the spirit hidden in this blend composed of the citrus fragrances he so loved

  • The Dusk over Capri


    The cobalt blue sea spreads out to the horizon. Poppa is slightly tipsy from delicious limoncello.
    The lights of the houses begin to glow at dusk creating a sentimental mood throughout.

  • Park in Manhattan


    Poppa tried to mingle with the stylish New Yorkers as he strolled around the park early in the morning.
    He passed a charming woman on the bridge hanging over the fountain and hastily scribbled a recipe for a sweet urban fragrance in his journal. The budding romance of Poppa is a secret known only to us.

  • Bravo! Japan


    Poppa visited Kyoto in spring and sat down on a bench to enjoy a nice cup of tea.
    As he dozes off basking in the warm sun’s glow,a single cherry blossom lands in the warm cup in his hand.
    His heart is moved by this beautiful scene.
    He loves this green tea and Daifuku sweets! Bravo! Japan!

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