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Alphabet series - HP Air Refresher

Alphabet series - HP Air Refresher

¥1,200 (4/lot)

Made with odor-eliminating BIO DM extracted from plants. This room spray is friendly to the environment and all living creatures and emits a gentle herbal fragrance that is great for eliminating household odors.

Size W85×D38×H190mm
Quantity 195mL (approx. 650 sprays)

*This product does not use a pressurized spray. (The strength of the mist depends on the pressure applied) If you are having difficulty spraying the content inside, please turn the spray nozzle 90 degrees, aim forward and try again.
*When using with other commercial humidifiers or aromatic devices, please make sure to read and confirm with the manufacturer instructions before use. Please be aware that we bear no responsibility in the event of an accident or defect.

●Includes BIO-DM (made in France) 
Originating in France, this solution is made from natural components made up from extracts taken from 8 types of plants that have been dissolved in water using special technology.
BIO-DM works to eliminate odor and suppress mold among other beneficial uses in daily life. *according to research by the Kaken Test Center, Kyoto Laboratory
◇Deodorizing properties 
・Waste odors (hydrogen sulfide)
・Resin odors (acetaldehyde)
・Refuse (methyl mercaptan)
・Pet odors (trimethylamine)
・Common odors (ammonia)
◇Sterilization properties
99.99% efficacy in sterilizing the black koji mold commonly found in households *according to research by Kyoto Biken Laboratories, Inc.
Use in the bathroom, when hanging clothes indoors or for any other places where mold is a concern.

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