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Nature Spray

Nature Spray

¥1,400 (3/lot)

This combined fragrance, air freshener and antibacterial spray is composed of French herbal water and BIO DM extracted from 8 types of plants. It envelops the room in a natural and fresh aroma, while gently cleaning the air of odors. This special fragrance will leave you fulfilled and refreshed.

Size W57×D57×H145mm
Quantity 100mL (approx. 800 sprays)

*Please be aware that as this product is made from 100% natural herbal water, the fragrance may vary slightly according to the harvest season, soil and growing area.

*Please store in a refrigerator or keep in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight for best results.

For our herbal water, we import freshly-picked herbs from France.
As rose picking in particular only happens once a year, we have done our utmost to deliver the aroma of freshly picked herbs right to your

●Includes BIO-DM (made in France)
Made using natural components, this solution originates from France and consists of 8 types of plant extracts that have been dissolved in water through specialized technology. This product offers deodorizing effects for everyday life and helps control the spread of mold. *according to research by the KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation
◇Deodorizing properties
・Waste (hydrogen sulfide)
・Tar odors (acetaldehyde)
・Garbage (methyl mercaptan)
・Pet odors (tri-methylamine)
・Common odors (ammonia)
◇Disinfecting properties
Eliminates 99.99% of black Aspergillus mold commonly found in homes. *according to research by the KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation
Use in bathing spaces or when hanging laundry indoors in addition to any other areas where mold is a concern.

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