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201LAB (read as “ni-maru-ichi lab”) by ART LAB. CO., LTD. is a shop project created by the fragrance maker ART LAB. in Kyoto. to let visitors experience the world of fragrances. ART LAB CO., LTD. has continued to provide proposals for fragrance-filled lifestyles.

We have once again searched for just what it is we can offer. The result of this being the realization that rather than just making and selling products ourselves, we can offer proposals for how to enjoy fragrances - something already heavily influenced by personal taste - that better align with one’s individual preferences as well as how to use these in a way fitting with a sustainable lifestyle free from waste and excess.

The first step in this venture was the opening of our 201LAB in autumn of 2015.
The numbers 201 are a play on the Japanese word “nioi,” meaning “smell.” They are also the numbers for a bus route that circles the center of the city of Kyoto in every direction.

LAB is a research facility for fragrances. We selected this name out of our desire for fragrances to be something that brings both people and the objects that surround them together.

What 201LAB offers
The time to enjoy oneself with your favorite accoutrements after purchasing all the pleasing fragrances you need.
The chance to encounter hidden treasures found in items which did not meet the standards for our sample and product lineup.
With a collection of select fragrances in hand, we will leave our lab and come to visit your town.

201LAB Our 2 commitments

  • 1. A simple desire for the fragrances you like.

    You can select your favorite fragrances from the Art Lab collection and add just the amount you need to our special bottles for purchase. You can then switch this to your bottle of choice and can enjoy a diffuser filled with your favorite fragrances.

  • 2. Explore & Discover

    We carry a selection of glass bottles used for samples and other items that did not discovered within our mass-production.
    This shop operates as a place for customers and creators to explore and discover new hidden splendors.

  • Address Fujii Daimaru 3F, 605 Shijo-dori Teramachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8031
    TEL +81-75-221-8181
    Open 10:30~20:00
    • approx. 2 min' walk from Kawaramachi Sta. on the Hankyu Kyoto Line.
    • approx. 5 min' walk from Keihan Main Line Gion Shijo Sta.
    • approx. 5 min' walk from Shijo Sta. on the Kyoto City Subway Karasuma Line.
    To our customers

    As a shop specializing in the sale of fragrances by volume, 201LAB only offers a selection of items from ART LAB’s product lineup.
    If you find a product you are interested in purchasing, we ask that you please contact us using the contact information provided below before your visit.

    [Contact info] ART LAB Head Office
    TEL:+81-75-595-9051 / E-mail: